So little time…..


I feel like I have had so much to write about but so little time.  I guess that is how it goes with a newborn baby, toddler and third grader! 

 Let start with Sierra starting school last week.  Sierra was so excited about going back to school.  As many of you know I home schooled her last year and I really enjoyed having her home but it was a lot of work.  She was more than ready to go back into the classroom.  As we arrived the first day she wasn’t so excited and began to get a little nervous but that didn’t last long and she came home each day with smiles and many stories to share with me.  I met her teacher on back to school night and he seems like a wonderful teacher.  The problem is that Sierra has been third on the waiting list to actually get into that school.  They have been telling us that all 100 students showed up and so she will be sent to another school in the district.  We faithfully prayed about it and last Friday a position was posted on Edjoin for a third grade teacher at her school.  We have no official word from the school but it looks like they will be opening up another third grade class!  We will be a little bummed about her having to change teachers but I am so thankful she may be able to stay at our neighborhood school!  I will update everyone on this subject once we get the final word from her school later this week.


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