Family Night

I just had to write about a family night we had a few weeks ago.  We decided to go out for yogurt and we headed to a place called Yodigity on Willow and Nees.  The frozen yogurt shop is a self serve place where you fill your cup with as much as you want.  We all picked a flavor or two and headed to the front to pay.  When you get up there they weigh your cup and then charge by the ounce (44 cents an ounce).  Mike, Sierra and I all had about a medium size cup and Caleb just had a tiny bit in his cup.  The bill came out to over $16.00!!!!  I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything.  In shock I turned to look at Mike.  He gave me the same puzzled look then we paid and left.  Of course when we got in the car we both expressed our shock at how much it cost us for our medium size cups of yogurt.  Lets just say that $16.00 for frozen yogurt is outrageous and we will never be going back there again.  What happened to affordable family nights out?


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