Riverview Elementary


I am so thrilled that Sierra is able to stay at Riverview Elementary!  I am even more excited that she gets to stay with the same teacher!  Even though I enjoyed having her home last year, (and really needed her while I was on bedrest) homeschooling was a lot of work!  It strained our relationship.  Sierra enjoys math and is very good at math but she really struggles in reading and writing.  When I would force her to sit down and do her work it sometimes became an all out battle.  We tried all different strategies throughout to get her to focus on her language arts but nothing made a huge impact.  Though prayer and many conversations we decided it was time for her to go back to school.  I know we made the right decision because each day she comes home smiling with many stories to tell.  The tension that was between us is disappearing (although homework still brings some struggles).  For now she is in the right place and we will continue to pray about which school is the best for her in the future!


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