Today is a great day because we are starting to landscape our backyard!  We have lived in our new house since October 2007 and we are finally ready to start this massive project!  My Grandpa rented a tractor and brought it over to our house this morning and the work began.  My brother (the best brother in the world) came over today and he is working wonders with that tractor!  He has been scraping the dirt away where the patio extention is going to be and moving dirt from other areas to make hills and level it off.  I will be taking pictures along the way to post and I will be updating everyone as we complete each step.  Our goal was to have this done last Spring but because of the bedrest and pregnancy expenses (an $8,000+ beautiful baby boy) we were unable to even get started.  I am so excited that by next Spring (or way before) my children will be out there enjoying the outdoors where I can keep my eye on them!  Pictures will be coming soon so check back!


One Response to “Backyard”

  1. Kelley Jackson Says:

    I understand completely about the intensity of landscaping a back yard! Shell and I started on ours last February and are still working on it, but then again this is two middle aged sisters doing the work part time. Then it got too hot to be able to work at all during the day. Hopefully yours will go a little faster. I still need to post pictures on myspace of what we have accomplished. Take it one day at a time and in alot of those one days it will finally be done. But be smart (unlike us), put in a sprinkler or drip system from the beginning. We didn’t know how to do one so I am out there watering at sundown every day for an hour and a half. Hopefully while Steve is staying with us he will install one once my money comes in and now that the weather is starting to get out of the 100s. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
    Love and Hugs,
    Aunt Kelley 🙂

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