To all my wonderful readers……I didn’t forget to post!  Life has just been a little crazy the last two weeks.  The backyard project has been huge.  Not that I am doing much but just trying to keep an eye on the guys that are working and making sure everything is as planned.  Then I started bible study which has been great but it just takes time.  The homework has given me some intimate one on one with the Lord and I have learned a lot after just one study!   I will have to share some of what I have learned in a later post.  I also started volunteering in Sierra’s classroom.  It is fun to see her in her classroom environment.  Thanks mom for coming over to watch the kids today (and tomorrow)!!! 

Oh yeah, I had the opportunity to witness to two ladies at the center last week and one accepted the Lord!!!  Praise God!!!  As far as the other lady, a seed is planted in her heart so pray for her.  I am going back tomorrow so pray that the Lord uses me to witness to and encourage the ladies that I counsel.  God is Good!  All the Time!  And All the Time!!  God is Good!!!


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