So I was home one night and I walked into the garage to throw out a diaper.  As I turned around I noticed a LARGE spider on the floor…..I almost stepped on it!  I am very afraid of spiders so this was very traumatic.  Mike wasn’t home and I knew I couldn’t let him go or I would have nightmares for months.  I grabbed a sand bucket and set it over the spider.  When Mike got home I asked him to catch it for me.  I knew I had to get a picture or no one would believe me.  I wish we had a picture from the top of him because all spread out he was pretty impressive.  If anyone knows what kind of spider it might be please let me know. 


3 Responses to “SPIDER!!!!!!”

  1. Amber Says:

    Now that is one SCARY spider!!!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    That is a sick spider!!! Oh sick! Were you barefoot? What if you smushed it barefoot? How big is it? It reminds me of a big humangO hairy, jumpy spider I encountered during a typhoon in Okinawa!!! I found it on the wall above where I was sitting! Then he got lost. I found him running down the hall way as I was in the bathroom on the toilet….TIM , THERE HE GOES, GET HIM, I shouted. LOLOL I wouldn’t have been able to sleep either if that creepy thing hadn’t been found!

  3. mnkhart Says:

    That is funny Lisa! I can see you yelling at Tim to get it! It was about the size of my palm. It was pretty big all stretched out. I was barefoot when I saw him in the garage. We tried to save it in the container but Caleb kept putting it in the sun so it died pretty quickly. He needed air anyway. We still have it! lol I need to put it in the garbage. I was hoping someone would know what kind it is?????

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