Best Buds!

They had about 25 books out and looked at all of them!  Of course they all ended up on the living room floor!  How cute to see them reading together though. 

My best friend Amber moved just down the street from me.  She has two children that are almost the same ages as Sierra and Caleb.  The older girls have a blast playing together and so do Caleb and Hannah.  Amber and I trade babysitting back and forth which is such a blessing.  This day Amber’s sister in law was having a baby so I had Hannah for the day.  Caleb and Hannah fight but they truly love each other also.  It is so cute to watch them together.  They ask for each other and miss each other when they are apart for more than a day or two.  They hug and kiss each other when they see each other and they hold hands when walking in a crowd.  We joke that they have an arranged marriage!  I think they will at least be good friends forever!


One Response to “Best Buds!”

  1. coleybelle Says:

    What a sweet picture. I love to see little kids reading or trying to read if they aren’t big enough to actually read the words yet. 🙂

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