Are you content?

One thing really stuck with me that the speaker of bible study said a few weeks and I thought I would share! 

All the people of the world live in one of two tents. 

1.  Discontentment

2.  Contentment


I want be content in You!  I want to be satisfied with the things that you have blessed me with.  I do not want to crave the things of this world.  I know that at any moment you can take everything I have away.  I want to come to the place where you alone are enough to satisfy me.  Thank you father for the many blessings you have provided for me and my family.  We are rich according to most of the world and those blessings do not go unnoticed.  I praise your name because you are the Almighty Everlasting Father! 


Camping Tent Clipart


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