No more knives on the counter!!!!  We keep one of those knife blocks on the counter and yesterday we had a little accident that could have been MUCH worse.  I was in ordering something on the computer (and talking to my mom on the phone) and Mike was rocking the baby.  I heard Caleb scream and Mike told me to go check on him.  When I went in the kitchen he was on the counter with a knife in his hand and blood all over.  Apparently he had pushed the stool over to the counter and climbed up.  He had a full size carrot in one hand and I think he was trying to cut it up.  He had missed and cut his palm with the knife.  Of course at first we didn’t know how bad it was because he was bleeding but we soon realized that thankfully it was only a small slice.  I am so thankful that he didn’t fall off the counter with a knife or cut himself much worse.  So the knives are now way up in a cupboard where he can’t get to them.



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