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Christmas Eve

December 31, 2008

We always let the kids open one present on Christmas Eve.  This year they talked us into two presents!  It was so fun to watch them!  This is the first year that Caleb really started to understand and get excited about his gifts. 


Look at Caleb’s tongue in the picture below!  He is so funny!


I couldn’t get Micah’s hand out of his mouth long enough to snap a picture.  I am so excited that he is finally starting to sit up on his own.  I guess being a preemie put him behind in that area.  Caleb was preemie also but started sitting up at 5 months!  I guess they are all different and do things in their own time.  Micah was actually early in his ability to roll over but slow in sitting up!  I am looking forward to more milestones but enjoying this time when he is NOT mobile! 



Christmas 2008

December 31, 2008

I have so many pictures of Christmas 2008 that I think I will just add a bunch of mini pictures for you to see.  I think you can click on one if you want to see it bigger.  We had a very blessed Christmas this year!  I got the top two things on my list, a huge clock and an outdoor firepit (thanks Heather for the idea).  Sierra got the scooter, clothes, an MP3 player and a few other toys.  Caleb got a bounce back racer, V-smile Motion, and some hot wheels tracks.  Micah ended up with several baby toys that he will have a blast with very soon.  We all had a wonderful time with our family.  Christmas morning breakfast was held at our house this year and we had a party of 14people!  At about 1:00pm we headed over to Mike’s dad’s house for Christmas lunch with them.  Then we rushed to my Grandparent’s house for Christmas dinner and a fun game with my extended family.  It was busy but wonderful! 


December 31, 2008


Here are just a few pictures of the kids that I took today.  The first one is Caleb’s finger that he smashed in the front door.  This kid has been accident prone lately.  He fell two times yesterday and skinned both knees.  The day before he fell and scraped his neck and chest.  I guess that is how it goes with an active boy around!  Anyway, we thought maybe he broke his finger but tonight it looks a lot better.  I guess we will see how it looks tomorrow.


December 31, 2008



Cinnamon Rolls

December 31, 2008


Amber and I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!  We decided months ago that this Christmas we would make cinnamon rolls for our neighbors.  They are not just any cinnamon rolls though.   They are the most delicious homemade rolls you have ever had!  We got the recipe off of one of our favorite cooking blogs :

You have got to check this out and try making them yourself.  It takes us half a day to make two batches and it is pretty messy but well worth it.  Next year we plan to make a lot more so that we can expand and give them to many more of you! 





December 21, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Please visit Kayleigh’s blog and pray for this precious little girl and her family.  I have been following them and praying for them for a long time.  A few days ago it looked as if Kayleigh wasn’t going to make it but God is good!  She has improved and is such a little miracle.  Having a preemie of my own I can only imagine how hard this must be on Amiee and Adam.  We were only in the NICU for 16 days and Kayleigh has now been in there for almost 6 months.  Pray!

Backyard Update

December 9, 2008

Our backyard is coming along great!  We will not be doing much more until Spring but we got the grass and a few trees in which is what we really wanted right away.  We still need to put the pavers along the back planter, add some trees and bushes to the planter, put up a doggie white picket fence, add some fruit trees, put up the play equiptment, add a larger patio cover, build a shed, and I am sure much more!  I guess as we can afford it we will do all those things little by little.  Here are two pictures from this morning.  There are still a few areas of the grass that could be thicker but the seeding really did great and came in nicely.  The guy will come back in the Spring to seed the areas that needs some extra help.


My Doggie

December 9, 2008

My dog Ruby really really really really needs a haircut!  Cookie does also but Ruby can hardly see! 


Family Traditions

December 9, 2008

Amber and I took the girls to Color Me Mine before Thanksgiving to make some pottery.  It was so much fun!  The girls loved staying up late (we went to the midnight madness) and they really enjoyed the projects.  I am so sorry I forgot my camera that night but I will post the pictures of the pottery Sierra and I made.

Before we went to the pottery place Sierra and I had been talking about family traditions.  She was studying that in school so we were coming up with a list of our famly traditions.  We started thinking of some that we wanted to do but hadn’t started yet.  One of those was the You Are Special Plate.  In my family growing up we had one of these and when one of us did something special or it was their birthday they got to use the plate.  Sierra and I then had the idea to make a plate instead of buy one.  We had also been talking about making a blesssing jar.  This jar will sit out all year long in our house and we will add our blessings on little notes cards into the jar.  We may write down things we are thankful for throughout the year or ways in with the Lord has blessed us or others we know.  Then each year at Thanksgiving we will open the jar and read all of our blessings.  I will then take the blessings notes and put them into a scrapbook for that year.  I am so excited to see how this turns out!  I will post next year and let you know! 


Family Pictures

December 9, 2008

We tried to snap a few pictures of Debi with the boys but Caleb is in the anti-picture stage.  It is a real challenge trying to get him to smile for a picture.  Debi started to pick the “grouchy bugs” out of Caleb and that got him laughing.  Here are a few from the Thanksgiving weekend!  I am glad you got to stay an extra day Debi and Dennis!