Family Traditions

Amber and I took the girls to Color Me Mine before Thanksgiving to make some pottery.  It was so much fun!  The girls loved staying up late (we went to the midnight madness) and they really enjoyed the projects.  I am so sorry I forgot my camera that night but I will post the pictures of the pottery Sierra and I made.

Before we went to the pottery place Sierra and I had been talking about family traditions.  She was studying that in school so we were coming up with a list of our famly traditions.  We started thinking of some that we wanted to do but hadn’t started yet.  One of those was the You Are Special Plate.  In my family growing up we had one of these and when one of us did something special or it was their birthday they got to use the plate.  Sierra and I then had the idea to make a plate instead of buy one.  We had also been talking about making a blesssing jar.  This jar will sit out all year long in our house and we will add our blessings on little notes cards into the jar.  We may write down things we are thankful for throughout the year or ways in with the Lord has blessed us or others we know.  Then each year at Thanksgiving we will open the jar and read all of our blessings.  I will then take the blessings notes and put them into a scrapbook for that year.  I am so excited to see how this turns out!  I will post next year and let you know! 



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