Picture of the year!

My dad captured the best Christmas picture this year!  He wins the best picture of 2008 award in my house!  See for yourself and tell me what you think!



5 Responses to “Picture of the year!”

  1. coleybelle Says:

    How cute is that picture! Love it!!!

  2. Amber Says:

    That is the BEST picture of the year! So cute! What a perfect gift.

  3. mnkhart Says:

    You are so right! He was my perfect gift of 2008!

  4. Kelley Jackson Says:

    By far this picture is the perfect christmas card photo!!! It just doesn’t get any better then this. He is so adorable! See I always say that the little kids like the boxes better then the gifts inside. Save your money and just wrap a bunch of different sized boxes!!! Hope you had a great new year!
    Love and Hugs,
    Aunt Kelley

  5. Ann-Marie Says:

    Oh, my GOODNESS!!! That should win an award.

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