My Boys

Here are some fun pictures of my boys.  I can already tell it is going to be so much fun having two boys close in age!  I am so glad we have a big backyard for them to run, play, and get out all that energy!  I can’t wait until they start playing together. 


I love my night time talks with my kids.  Caleb being a currious 2 year old comes up with some pretty funny thoughts.  A few nights ago we were talking about God and how He is everywhere and He sees everything.  Caleb said “I can hide from God over there,” pointing to the corner of his room.  I replied, “No honey God can still see you over there.”  Then he says, “Well I can hid from God under my bunkbed.”  So we had to have another discussion about how no matter where he is, he can not hide from God.  He is learning though because the following night he says, “We have to talk to God because God is everywhere!”


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