Micah at Children’s Hospital Central California

It all started on Thursday night when we were out of town on vacation at the Central Coast.  We left the older two kids with my parents and just took Micah.  That night Micah woke up with a fever and he started wheezing.  We did enjoy most of our vacation (more on that later) but Micah continued to get worse.  We decided to come home early on Monday so that we could get him in to the doctor.  His doctor did a breathing treatment in the office but that didn’t seem to work.  Micah’s sats were in the low 90’s, his heartrate was really high, his breathing rate was around 60, and he had only eaten about 2 ounces all day.  The doctor decided it was time to head to the hospital.

We arrived in the ER last night around 7:00pm and after several failed breathing treatments they decided to admit him.  His chest x-ray showed what would be consistent with RSV or Bronchiolitis (you can google that).  His oxygen levels were dropping down to 85 and so he needed oxygen.  We were admitted and arrived in our room about 10:00pm. 

They have tried to  turn off his oxygen several times but he always desats, so for now he still needs it.  I didn’t get much sleep last night so I am exhausted but I will be okay.  I wanted to make sure Mike got sleep since he starts his shift at 2:30pm tonight.  He is a pharmacist here at the hospital so if we need to stay overnight again at least he can be right here if I need him!  We have a private room and the hospital has internet connection so I can update the blog as needed.  Here are some pictures of Micah in the ER and in his hospital room.jan-2009-micah-hospital-063jan-2009-micah-hospital-072jan-2009-micah-hospital-088jan-2009-micah-hospital-095jan-2009-micah-hospital-099


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