Micah Update

Well the nurse said that he would most likely be spending another night so I ran home to take a shower and get a few things.  I just got back and Micah’s sats are doing really well.  They acutally turned off his oxygen for awhile to see how he would do and so far so good.  He is sound asleep in a swing right now.  The batteries in the swing are low so Mike and I are having to push him.  I am happy to see that he has taken a good nap and I am sure he will feel much better when he wakes up.  Micah nursed a few times today already so I think he is getting better.  His breathing is still fast and he is wheezing but that will just take time for him to get over.  Here are a few more pictures.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for Micah. 

This is where we sleep 🙂  Not too bad!



4 Responses to “Micah Update”

  1. Ann-Marie Says:

    What a sweet boy. Thanks for the update.

  2. Michelene Says:

    We are praying for a super quick healing for Micah.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I hope he’s okay. It is hard to have your baby spend the night in the hospital. I know! Let us know what the diagnosis is and any new up dates. 😦 poor baby. He’s too little. It must be hard to see him stuck on that restraint board with tubes.

  4. mnkhart Says:

    They say he has RSV. So we just treat him with breathing treatments and oxygen. It is just a wait it out game.

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