Still Here…

Micah is doing pretty good today.  He was off oxygen all night.  A couple times they came in and said he would need to go on it and would even come back and say, “he isn’t on oxygen yet?” but they never actually hooked it up.  He would always recover and his sats would go back up.  The only issue is really when he first falls asleep.  For whatever reason when he relaxes to sleep his oxygen saturation falls and of course alarms go off like crazy.  That usually wakes him up and we have to start over with the falling asleep process 🙂 

Today we had some student nurses come in which was kind of fun.  The teacher was teaching them about the equipment and I learned a lot!  I guess when you are stuck in this little room all day and night anything is entertainment!  Micah is just hanging out in his crib playing with his toes right now.  He actually ate a little bit of applesauce today!  I really really think that they will let him come home at some point today.  They still hear wheezing but the breathing treatments have actually started to help out a lot.  We have a breathing machine at home so we should be able to continue them as needed at home.  I will post again when I know for sure that we are going home.


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