Backyard fun!


My dream for our backyard is for it to be a place that the kids love to play.  That includes my kids and all the other neighborhood kids.  We have bought several “toys” for the yard and yesterday we put up our new climbing dome.  I remember the huge dome that used to be at Woodward park!  I had many fun times climbing and swinging from the dome there.  Well we have had this one for over a year but we finally put it up yesterday.  It took three people and about 3 hours to get together but I am sure it will be worth the time and effort.  I just can’t believe how big it turned out.  I thought it would be perfect for Caleb but he is actually too small for it still.  It works great for Sierra who is 8 years old.  The next thing I would like is a wooden swing set! 

Yesterday while we worked we had six kids in the yard playing on the trampoline, teeter toter, in the sandbox and playing soccer on the grass.  I loved hearing all the screams and laughter from the kids having so much fun.  The trampoline is still the biggest hit of all (I am not sure we can top that).  Here are some pictures I snapped at the last minute.


2 Responses to “Backyard fun!”

  1. Heather Favelo Says:

    So fun!!! Love it!

  2. Elaine Says:

    What a fun backyard you have there!! Love that dome playscape…where did you find that? My kids would enjoy something huge to climb on. Trampolines are the best…I never had one but loved going over to the friends who did 🙂

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