Micah 8 Months Old!


Sorry this has taken so long to get these 8 month pictures up.  With Micah in the hospital and being on vacation I got behind in my posting.  Micah is totally better now and doing great!  He was 14lbs 3oz on his 8 month birthday.  He sits up very well by himself and when on his tummy he can lift himself off the ground.  I believe that it will be awhile before he actually starts to crawl though.  He got his first tooth just a few days before he turned 8 months old.  I think his second tooth will come soon because he has had a few rough teething nights lately. 

Micah is such a joy to have around because he is such a laid back and happy baby.  He fits right into our family like he was always here!  He doesn’t demand too much attention.  He enjoys kicking back and watching the other two kids play.  He loves to be snuggled and carried around in the sling or carrier.  He takes the best naps yet he is extremely flexible with his schedule.  He makes me want to have 10 more kids (okay maybe not 10, lol).  My prayer is that Micah will grow up to love the Lord with all his heart, be a family man (like his daddy), serve & love others, and have integrity. 

I just love my little “Micah Man” so much! 



One Response to “Micah 8 Months Old!”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Micah is sooo cute! I’m glad he’s doing much better. What a sweet baby boy.

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