Sick Kids

Wow, this winter has been a difficult one with the colds.  We did really well until January and now the kids just keep getting sick.  This week I had all three home sick at once.  That was a really interesting couple of days.  The two oldest are now on the mends and just about over the colds.  Micah is still right in the thick of it all.  I have been having to give him breathing treatments each day.  He has been breathing really hard/fast and having rib retractions.  If we didn’t have the nebulizer at home I would have to take him in for sure.  I am sure he would have to be in the hospital for the treatments again.  I am just glad that for now we can do it here at home.  Mike said that Children’s Hospital is full and they have had to send a lot of people away.  Just pray that Micah actually improves and we can stay away from that place!


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