Elephant Seals!

We had a very nice time in Cambria this past weekend.  I just wanted to share a few pictures.  This first picture is a really cute squirrel that we saw when visiting the elephant seals. 


Check out this male elephant seal!


Male, Female & Baby Elephant Seal.


Males Fighting


Male & Female Mating!  They were actually “together” in this picture.  It was very calm and you couldn’t really tell much was going on.  Not what I expected for mating elephant seals.  The mother’s baby was at their heads right between them.  The baby will be weaned now and the mother will go off to sea to eat and gain her weight back.  She will most likely go all the way up the coast toward Alaska.  The baby will stay on the beach for awhile more.  The mother will be back next January to birth the next baby that hopefully they made in this picture! 


Another cool squirl picture!  Elephant seals are much more exciting than the squirls but Mike couldn’t resist getting this picture!



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