I have not forgotten!

Every now and then life just gets super busy.  I am sure all of you know how that goes.  We have seasons where things are calm and then all of a sudden there are a million things to do and we just can’t seem to catch up.  I guess I have been in a busy season and I have been neglecting my blog.  I haven’t even been taking pictures of my kids lately.  I need to charge those camera batteries and get clicking 🙂 

Everything in the Hart family is going well.  The weather in California has been so nice that we have been outside a lot lately.  Caleb loves to spend his days playing in the dirt and I love my walks with Amber to pick up the girls from school.  Spring is a GREAT season! 

Even though I have been busy I feel like I have grown a lot closer to the Lord these past few months.  People say you are either growing or sliding and I am so glad that I have been pushed and stretched to grow lately.  We have made some big changes in the Hart household lately and I am excited to share some of that with you in another post.  When we push aside our desires and completely submit to the will of Jesus we are so blessed.


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