Sick boys


Well I only have a second to post this because Micah is on the floor crying to be back in my arms.  I have literally been rocking him all day.  It all started last weekend when Caleb started to get really grouchy and red cheeks.  By Monday he was pretty sick with the flu.  He slept most of in off in a few days.  Today he feels much better but still has this horrible cough that gags him.  Micah started to feel bad yesterday and today he is at the peek (I hope).  He feels so bad that he doesn’t even want to move.  I can tell his body aches and he can’t get comfortable.  I don’t remember ever having a baby this ill before.  Even when Micah had RSV and was in the hospital for a few days he wasn’t like this.  I know I am fighting this illness (swollen glands, runny nose, etc) but I have been praying hard that it doesn’t get me down.  My kids need me and Mike has been working a lot of overtime lately.  Keep us in your prayers as we heal and pray that Mike and Sierra do not come down with the flu. 



One Response to “Sick boys”

  1. Ann-Marie Says:

    Poor little guys! I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’ll pray that your sleep is multiplied and you keep up your strength.

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