Another update

The hospital blocks my access to this blog as well as facebook so I posted my email updates from the last few days.  They just tried again to take Micah off oxygen and his sats dropped.  I guess they will probably try again tomorrow morning.

Mike just arrived home with our other two kids.  They also have pneumonia and now will start some antibiotics.  I have a precription to treat my sinus infections and they also gave Mike one because he feels sick now.  Hopefully this will work and we will all heal quickly.  It is difficult to take care of sick kids when both  Mike and I don’t have a lot of energy.  I just can’t wait until we can be home again.  I am so thankful to my parents who have been stepping in and watching the kids for us.  My mom went from taking care of my sick kids all night to going over to rock Micah while I came home. 

We will get through this 🙂  I guess when it rains sometimes it pours.


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