Micah 4-5-09

Hey Everyone,
I am a little bit more awake today so I hopefully this email is more informative than the last one 🙂 
First the newest update on Micah.  Micah is doing much better than when we brought him in last night.  He is on only 1 liter of oxygen now.  They come in and do breathing treatments every four hours.  He also has an inhaler that he needs to take (and will continue to be on for a long time).  He is on IV fluids and IV antibiotics for the pneumonia.  They also give him prednisolone every six hours.  He still is not eating a lot so they need to keep his fluids up.  He will take a couple ounces of breast milk about every 6 hours and he did eat 10 bites of food for my mom.  Micah has been asleep most of the day and he is very uncomfortable when coughing.  He has had a few times when smiles broke through today.  He was very excited when my Grandparents and Mother came for a visit. 
Today my mom stayed and rocked Micah for several hours so that Mike and I could run home for a quick shower and run an errand.  We also got to say a quick hi to our other two children who are staying with my parents.  My parents were on their way to the coast for a vacation when they got the call yesterday afternoon that Micah was being rushed by ambulance to the hospital.  They decided right away to turn around and come back to help us out.  Normally we would have had several babysitting options for Caleb and Micah but Caleb has been sick and Sierra was just starting to show so symptoms of this flu bug.  I am so grateful to have parents who are so willing to step up and help us.  Thank you mom and dad! 
For those of you who haven’t heard here is the story of what happened.  Caleb got really sick starting last weekend with the flu.  We almost had to take him in but on Friday he started to get better.  Around Wednesday Micah started to show the same symptoms.  I rocked him almost all day on Thursday and Friday.  On Saturday morning I told Mike that I was really worried about Micah and I felt he needed to go to the walk in clinic right away.  I wasn’t ready so Mike jumped in the car and took him. 
About an hour later I got the call that Micah was going to Children’s Hospital by ambulance.  They could not keep his oxygen level high enough and he was a very very sick little baby.  The doctor even told the ambulance driver to “Drive Fast!”  Mike followed the ambulance (which drove 90 mph on the freeway) and I made arrangements for the other children.  When Micah arrived Mike said a team of nurses, RTs and doctors surrounded him.  They started and IV, more inhaled medications, and took a chest x-ray.  They determined that he probably had a viral infection that then turned into a bacterial pneumonia.  When I arrived and saw my rapidly deterorating baby I cried and then took pictures 🙂  They were just about to send him up to the PICU when he started to improve. 
The fluids started to give him more strength, the antibiotics started to kick in and they finally got his fever down.  All of that caused his heart rate to drop to a safe level his respiatory rate to slow a little and his oxygen levels to at least be in the 90’s.  Pretty soon he perked up a bit and even cried.  Before he was so lethargic that he wouldn’t even cry. 
Last night was tough and I didn’t get much sleep.  Micah was very fussy and the alarms kept ringing.  At 3:00 am his IV blew and at 4:00 am we had to get him a new IV.  They attempted to take off the oxygen and his levels fell quickly into the 70’s.  So here we are today just waiting for our little guy to continue to heal.  Hopefully Mike and I will get a little more sleep tonight.  The doctor said he will definitely not go home today.  I have hope that maybe he will improve more after some rest tonight and we can make it home tomorrow.  I guess only time will tell. 
Pray for Micah to get well as well as the health of our other two children and Mike and I.  I feel like I am getting a sinus infection and I really need the strength to cuddle Micah and stay up with him when needed. 
Thanks again for all your prayers and support!
P.S. Our pastor just came by to check on Micah and pray with us!  That is pretty awesome!


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