Micah 4-6-09

Hello again,
This is going to be a quick update because Micah just woke up.  I am sure he will be wanting his mommy to rock him soon 🙂
Micah seems about the same today.  He is down to 1/2 liter of oxygen now.  They have tried several times to take him off but each time his sats drop and we have to start it again.  They are going to try him off IV fluids for awhile to see how he does.  I hope that helps him to pick up on his nursing.  He will still be getting IV antibiotics while he is here. 
I can tell he still feels lousy because he sleeps most of the time and just has a straight face when he is awake.  He has been a bit fussy and has needed to be suctioned so he can breath.  His lungs still sound wheezy and crackly.
The doctor said that once he can come off the oxygen for 6-8 hours then we will talk about going home.  That could be tomorrow morning or sometimes they linger on 1/2 liter for several days. 
Mike woke up today sick, I already had been getting a sinus infection yesterday and my mom called to tell me both our other kids are sick.  Mike will be going to the doctor with them soon.  My doctor called me in a script so that I could stay here at the hospital with Micah. 
Thanks again for all your prayers.  I will try to snap a few more pictures and send them later.


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