We are home!!!

We finally made it home!  Micah is feeling a lot better and we finally got him weaned from his oxygen.  He still doesn’t have a lot of energy but I see a big improvement today.  We picked up our other two kids and we are all home as a family.  The other kids are a lot better now also.  They are coughing still but I see a big improvement in their health.  There will be a couple days of rest in our home and then I believe we will be back to our normal routine.  Thanks again everyone for all the prayers and support.  God is good!


This is where we spent most of our time…..rocking.


Just relaxing.


Micah asleep in his hospital crib.


Getting a breathing treatment today.  Usually he was laying flat or in our arms but this was his last one and he was starting to feel a lot better.


Going home!


Micah was so happy to see Sierra that he reached out and leaned into her arms.  She sat in the chair and rocked him and he just snuggled right in next to her.  It was so precious to watch.


Caleb was excited to see Micah also.



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